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Hi, where is the save located?

So two questions:

1: If I understand correctly, the only thing missing is some voice? All the endings are playable, just some voice lines won't be voiced if I buy now?

2: How long do you think getting the remaining lines voiced will take?


1 - Yes
2 - Don't know we have some issues with one of the VA...

I liked Second Chance so much, that I'm checking out other games by the team.
Is this one dead?  The development log is three months old.  And there isn't a demo version of this?
The reason I bought Second Chance was because I liked the free version so much.

The game is mostly finished, we only miss 30% of the voice acting

Any updates on the final batch of voices?

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Is there a purpose on "leveling" both Love and Kinkyness, or de we just focus on one?

I think everyone knows the end goal of the Love Path, but what about the Kinky Path, what does it imply/reward? 

Forgive my inexperience (I know very little about Kinkyness XD) but isn't Love outright preferable?


The guide states that the Kink routes are "more about desire, passion, and fantasy," as opposed to the more romantic Love routes.


What ever happened to the guide wasn't it supposed to come out in January?

I got my guide back in December; I got an email with a link to the PDF. Note that I backed this on Kickstarter and the guide was included in my pledge.

What is the difference between the normal heart and the inverted heart?

Under relarionship.

It's love and kinkiness for the kinky path of each girl :D

Good to know, thanks👍


will there still be a guide to make all the endings?


Is there a release date for the guide?

By Polyamorous relationships you mean the girls gets to fuck around with others too? Is there NTR in this?


No I mean you can get all the girls at once.

is there any walkthrough prediction?

Does your character have to be named Alex, or can you rename him?

You can rename him

Any date or estimated on the guide drop?

What one needs to do to start seducing Sarah? I gain plenty of love points with other girls but hardly got any events with her.

buy an umbrella on the weekend

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Great little vn slice-of-life sim hybrid! Just a couple of little quality of life ideas that would be great:

- toggle option for the dialogue interface - gotta let us appreciate those CGs and l2d sprites in their full glory! ;) 

- font options (bold at least, I'm half blind haha)


Hi and thanks for the compliments ^^
To toggle the text box just press "H".
For the bold font we will think about it in future projects :)
Have fun

thanks for the swift reply and info! :) looking forward to the next Andrealphus installment 

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Any chance to romance (either now or in future updates) the teachers too? The redheaded one in particular looks quite hot^^^

We wanted to but unfortunately the artist stopped working with us so we cant produce DLCs for TruLove :(


No chance of recruiting a new artist with a somewhat similar artstyle for that? It wouldn't have to be perfect as long as the teachers were still hot.

Anyway, congrats for what you have released so far. I'm enjoying the game a lot.

Thanks, unfortunately that's something i already tried once on another project and it's easier said than done ^^

As mentioned by Abdel, is it possible to hire an artist that can mimic the art style? :)

I can't get either of mary's final routes to triger even though i have all of the required stats and dates am i missing something?

Will there a cheat menu like in Love and Sex or a walkthrough?

It will ba available here in January


Enjoying the game so far cant wait to see what you guys do next

Is there any way to still buy the guide

It will ba available here in January

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Getting a Null Pointer on Android, Chromebook.

Note that Leap of Love runs just fine, and I previously had Love & Sex installed (although have not tried the most recent update), so it looks like something specific to TruLove

12-10 02:56:34.658  4377  4394 I python  : Loading save slot metadata. took 0.01s

12-10 02:56:34.659  4377  4394 I python  : Loading persistent took 0.00s

12-10 02:56:32.814   116  2153 D ActivityManagerInjectorArc: taskOcclusionChanged: taskId=60 does not support PIP

12-10 02:56:34.745   116   223 E KernelCpuSpeedReader: Failed to read cpu-freq: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/stats/time_in_state (No such file or directory)

12-10 02:56:34.749   116   223 W BatteryStatsImpl: Couldn't get kernel wake lock stats

12-10 02:56:34.785  4377  4394 F libc    : Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x0 in tid 4394 (SDLThread), pid 4377 (SDLActivity)

12-10 02:56:34.832  4401  4401 E cutils-trace: Error opening trace file: Permission denied (13)

12-10 02:56:34.858  4402  4402 I crash_dump64: obtaining output fd from tombstoned, type: kDebuggerdTombstone

12-10 02:56:34.859   130   130 I /system/bin/tombstoned: received crash request for pid 4394

12-10 02:56:34.859  4402  4402 I crash_dump64: performing dump of process 4377 (target tid = 4394)

12-10 02:56:34.866  4402  4402 F DEBUG   : *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

12-10 02:56:34.867  4402  4402 F DEBUG   : Build fingerprint: 'google/nautilus/nautilus_cheets:9/R108-15183.69.0/9381605:user/release-keys'

12-10 02:56:34.867  4402  4402 F DEBUG   : Revision: '0'

12-10 02:56:34.867  4402  4402 F DEBUG   : ABI: 'x86_64'

12-10 02:56:34.867  4402  4402 F DEBUG   : pid: 4377, tid: 4394, name: SDLThread  >>> com.andrealphusgames.trulove <<<

12-10 02:56:34.867  4402  4402 F DEBUG   : signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x0

12-10 02:56:34.867  4402  4402 F DEBUG   : Cause: null pointer dereference


How can i get to date lucy ?

Can i buy the guide for the game or was it only for the kickstarter backers ?

We will probably sell it starting January

Deleted 1 year ago


No Linux version? 

It's in the PC version

Awesome, thank you.  I will be purchasing soon then.

is there a fetish/kink list for this game or is it all vanilla stuff?

Vanilla, BDSM, yandere, pimping, public sex

Thank you!


What's the current release date for itch?



Any further info on this?  I'd love to send some money.


Should be out on Friday :)

What are the Genre's for this game? I am not able to find them on this or your Patreon page :( School Setting <-Yes, Harlem, Humor, Pregnancy, etc.?

Vanilla, BDSM, yandere, pimping, public sex

If you don't mind me asking.  Why did Steam not allow this on their platform?  Is it the school setting?



can we purchase this game on


It will be out on the 31th of October


thank u for the reply cant wait to purchase.

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Interesting. Maybe there will be a time when Love, sex, and second base meets true love characters. I mean why not make a universe where all of your games interlock.


Dude please do not add ntr!!  Its depressing

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How much do you have on your plate? lol

You can't even imagine ^^


I cant buy this game,there is no options to buy,how can i get it?


It will be out in september :)

Is this game complete on release or early access?


It will be released complete.

Nice, thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work especially on L&S

Hello, will the game be available for Android?

Yes, but as it uses Live2D some devices might not work.

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Will this game have a muscle girl??? . I think a muscle girl would be awesome 😜


pls noooo.... 

Pls yeeees!


Nope, sorry


Will this game have pregnancy like the others or no?

No, that's not planned.

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