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My Demonic Romance is a Visual Novel with a twist...
Sure you're playing a typically geeky guy with classes to attend, a job that sucks and a love life that's DOA. 

But the difference is that when the cute, exciting and adventurous girl shows up, she's an actual demon, with horns, a pointed tail and a sex-drive to match!

As that guy you have to navigate your daily life while trying to keep your new demonic companion safe in a world that's completely new to her and not to mention handling the fact that she's not at all shy when it comes to her physical desires too!

You take on the role of Adam, a guy studying hard to get the grades he needs to succeed in life, working a part-time job to pay the bills, and all the time longing for some meaningful female companionship - who gets more than he bargained for when Lily, a succubus summoned from hell itself turns up in his life.

  • 25+ hand drawn animated sex scenes
  • 6+ animated supernatural waifus
  • 20+ beautiful locations (including Heaven and Hell)
  • 5+ endings
  • A host of meaningful choices
  • Polyamorous relationships

Updated 5 days ago
Published 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 2.7 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Comedy, Horror, Romance, supernatural


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My Demonic Romance Demo - Android 146 MB
Version 0.1.1
My Demonic Romance Demo - Mac 128 MB
Version 0.1.1
My Demonic Romance Demo - Windows + Linux 143 MB
Version 0.1.1

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Hey bro I found a bug I entered the game turned off the animations I changed my name I was skipping because I knew the conversations before this place then lily came and the arm was like you see in the photo.Can you check it? 

Oh dude our game dont kick me out but its so laggy to me I think my phone's Ram is bad so uh, If I ask you, can you solve my optimization problem, here is my phone brand HUAWEI Y6 2018 I'd be glad if you check it out (I know the button to turn off animations, but you know it won't taste without animations)


Sorry to hear that, we use Live2D for the animations which can be a bit taxing on phones...

Yeah Yeah I know I would appreciate it if you take into account the optimization event in the next update

Dude this game like fire!I like it butWhen you want to update a recommended game or add something new, mobile players should think of optimization problems, if the optimization of the game is good, you will get much better feedback. Don't forget I only have 2gb of Ram :") I'd appreciate it if you could take that into consideration, at least until I get a good phone.

If I have so many bugs or throwing issues for now I'll reach out to you and you should turn on a discord server to let people know about the updates or to make votes like here's what the new update should be sure to give you a huge fan base. Lin out! 


The simple fact that the NTR/MMF thing is optional elevates this game for me. Those that like that sort of thing can have it, and those that don't can leave it be. Choices are always good, and I have to commend the dev for giving that to players

Thank you

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Apparently Andrealphus's definition of romance includes you watching your SO fuck someone else. So romantic lol. How does that even get brought up in the planning phase?

p1> Yeah im thinking of making a Romance game
p2> What are you thinking of adding to it
p1> Romance ofc, maybe a little maledom and femdom, but not too much since they dont reall focus on romance, an thats the base of the game
p2> What about cuckolding, sharing AND prostitution? Every romance game requires that. Oh with the main love intrest as well.

Please change the title, its a scam.

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p1> Oh cool a succubus visual novel, nice!
p2> Great I love succubus stories, they are so sexy!!
p1> What she's a sex crazed demon that is ready for anything and would agree to fuck others!!!!
p2> I am so disappointed on that game dev T_T
p1> It would have made so much more sense if she had been an innocent virgin demon...


Equally as dumb. "What she's a sex crazed demon that is ready for anything and would agree to fuck others!!!!" Peak romance, a girl ready to fuck everything that moves with one wrod.  That idiot should be locked away. 


Did you actually play the demo, or do you just hunt for games that have stuff in them you don't like, and try to shit on the devs? For every game you have dropped a comment on there is a super vanilla harem game on here as well. In the demo it makes it pretty apparent that the main LI is pretty into the MC. To the point where she follows him around, and listens to him like a pet. It's also just kind of realistic anyways. Idk if you have ever had a gf, but they all get their dms blew up, and are asked for stuff. If the option to have a 2D/3D character remain faithful, or have them do things with someone else bothers you then I would advise never go through your girls phone, or your heart is going to get broke 馃ぃ馃ぃ


Either you didn鈥檛 play the demo in which case your lying .or your a troll looking to bait people and the devs into a reaction. in either case would you kindly go else where no one here wants what your selling.


Tell me someone doesn't understand non-monogamous Relationships, without telling me you doesn't understand the non-monogamous Relationships.

lol spoken like a real incel dude

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Y'all are tripping in the comments. First of all the game isn't even out yet. Second of all if you have played Andrealphus games before you would know that by "avoidable" the dev means that it's there for people that like it, and there are other options for those who don't. The devs that work on these games are pretty good at writing for each path too. In love and sex second base no matter what path you choose as far as "ntr" stuff, and the "wholesome" stuff both paths are usually written into the story well. It's not like you are just skipping the scene you don't like. It just literally doesn't happen in the story of that playthrough. In love and sex second base there is at least one scene where not only do you get to decide if you want to share your girl, or tell dude to eff off, but you also get to choose how your girl reacts as well. Andrealphus game devs are good at writing games with choices that branch out enough where there is something for everyone. Don't let one fetish tag turn you away especially not ntr, sharing, cuck, mmf, or the like because in their games they are not only avoidable, but your choice is canon to how that playthrough's story plays out.

I forgot to mention that despite my defense of them I personally am not into any of those fetishes. I only say that because if I can play Andrealphus games, and enjoy them then most likely you can as well if you play adult visual novel games. And that is coming from someone that hard passes on ntr/sharing content. 


Thanks for the support :)


No problem. I'm a fan of your other games, and I'm really looking forward to this one! 


You're games helped with my depression.

I am happy we could help you ^^

you're welcome. I am looking forward to buying this one. 

Thanks for clearing it up, I wasn't sure if it was optional or avoidable or not til I read this! Didn't want to get too invested in the game if it weren't

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There is also an option in the preferences to turn on a NTR warning. Which tells you exactly what choices lead to NTR if chosen when you get to them. If you read the dialogue though it's pretty obvious what options lead to NTR content.

Este nuevo proyecto tendr谩 alg煤n costo en el futuro, bueno, eso es lo de menos. Espero ayudarte con cualquier error que encuentre (obviamente no ver谩n errores) y espero que todos disfruten de su d铆a. Adi贸s


Well, art look nice but dev, what are the planned tags? Are the fetishes/kinks going to be avoidable (they don't happen according to player choice)skippable (they happen but the player doesn't see the scene)forced by plot, or maybe to avoid X content the player should avoid X Li? And when you say polyamorous relarionship, it's lesbian avoidable?

I ask about the tags because in this image it clearly says Cuckolding optional but here it doesn't say anything like that. (and I'm not interested in that kind of content)

Anyways, thanks and good luck.


NTR/cuck is and will  always be optional and pretty easy to avoid in all my games ;)


Thanks for the answer, all good, it's your idea and your game, usually I just avoid games with that content that's why I ask for the tags, I guess this is going to be Sandbox? since it says "20+ beautifull locations", and what about the other fetishes, are they also avoidable? (femdom and lesbian for example?)


No it's a pure visual novel, not a sandbox dating sim ^^


Yikes theres going to be Ntr? way to ruin a game. Why did you lie and say it was only women? Add that as a tag so people can know not to play this. Gotta change my review  now smh

(1 edit) (+6)(-4)

I didn't lie, you asked me if the polyamourous relationships would be only with women and I said yes.

As I said the NTR/Cuck part will be fully avoidable easily, sorry if people enjoying something you dont like and don't have to see or experience is a problem for you.

And that part will only be you being able to share your girls with others if you want so more MMF content than NTR anyway.


Tag it as NTR so people can know not to play this. 


As I said, the content is not even really NTR, it's sharing and pimping so no.
NTR imply that someone is stealing your girl which is not the case here.

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enjoying the concept.  Playing on an adroid tablet and the game is crashing alot. When will the full version be for sale on itch.io?


Can you send us screenshots of the crashes ?
Have you tried deactivating animations in the options ?


I will give that a try and report back.




Your initial assessment was correct.  Turning off animation removed all crashing of the game.  No error message / error screen was recieved so I am unable to provide more details on the animation error condition. Good Luck!  When is the full version going to be on sale on Itch.io?


Probably not before a year or so


fantastic can鈥檛 wait for full release. Also if I make ask.do you still plan to release the guide for  TruLove.




thsnk you for your quick responce is there any time frame you can give for the release?


The first patreon only release will be on the first of February, the game won't be on sale here before at least a year.


thank you i realize it鈥檚 a bit early to be asking about release. but I鈥檝e always enjoyed your work and look forward to more .


Thanks :)


"Polyamorous relationships," thats a scary thing to add as planned content, those always end terribly. Only women right? 




Lol, no they don't 馃ぃ


In this game gonna be impregnation and pregnancy?


I hope so :)


Yes but that's for later ^^