Love & Sex 23.06 June Monthly Update

Hi guys !

Here is the 23.06 June monthly update, which should in all honesty be called the big fat juicy update as we have no less than 10 CG and 36 events in it (and even a few expressions and outfits)!

And the new features are :


  • Aletta alternate events [5EV]
  • Aletta repeatable restaurant cunnilingus [1EV]
  • Aletta restaurant blowjob [1EV]
  • Audrey playing board game scene [1EV]
  • Bree doggy in sasha's room [1EV]
  • Bree penalty when she looses at zbox [1EV]
  • Bree postdate rough doggy [1EV]
  • Bree postdate spoon [1EV]
  • Cassidy office reverse cowgirl [1EV]
  • Harmony sexy date [1EV]
  • Harmony poledance scene [1EV]
  • Harmony stripclub events [2EV]
  • Hanna gym blowjob [1EV]
  • Kleio studio BJ [1EV]
  • Kylie classroom blowjob [1EV]
  • Lexi alternate standing hot coffee [1EV]
  • Lexi improved events [QOL]
  • Lexi pool bj during home date [1EV]
  • Lexi sasha threesome bedroom [1EV]
  • Minami improved events [QOL]
  • Morgan nightclub cunnilingus [1EV]
  • Morgan improved events [QOL]
  • Palla spanking foreplay [1EV]
  • Samantha improved events [QOL]
  • Small bitchy harem ending [1EV]
  • Criminal harem ending [2EV, 1CG]
  • Taming harem ending [2EV, 1CG]
  • Watch tv dunring dates [4CG]
  • Chatting with the girls [4CG]
  • Heart attack ending [1EV]
  • Hypnosis skill, book & activity [1AC, 2EV]
  • Pet head and grope activity for every girls [2AC]
  • Toggleable pregnancy pop-up [QOL]
  • Topless command (office/work) [QOL]
  • Ventilate weekend events [QOL]
  • Spoilers tooltip for story steps [QOL]
  • Allow afternoon dates on week days [QOL]
  • [breemc] Jobs random events [QOL]
  • [BreeMC] Mike titty fuck [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike spoon [1EV]
  • [BreeMC] Mike masturbate in living room [1EV]

Thanks a lot to our artist & dev team especially MidnightDatura, Lent1, Paradoxal D, Apoc, BlissFullDarkness, Domestos and Firesparq.

Hope you will enjoy it !


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is there any other way to access the studio if didn't lean how to play the guitar in time join the band?

stupid question but do we need to do anything for the update to take effect or is it automatically applied?

If you're using the itchio launcher it's automatic, otherwise, you have to manually download the game file for every update.

(1 edit)

How does the spoiler tooltip works? I Know is a stupid question

You toggle the spoiler button and hover an active event.
If it's related to a specific event you'll have hints about the requirements needed for this event to start.

How i use this on the android version does it works?

You should be able to see the hints by clicking on the steps (not all story steps have hints)


Was hoping we'd see more BreeMC girl/girl content for pride month. :(

As the end of early access is coming soon, we're a little less focused on BreeMC side right now.
But don't worry it won't last ;)

What is the heart attack ending? Did the male mc dies when we don't take care of our self?

Only if you abuse the blue pills

Understandable have a great day🙃


Christmas "came" early this year. Love your work :)