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Leap of Love is a visual novel with a dash of stat raising, you will follow a story and make choices leading to one of the many good and bad endings of the game. You will have 30 in-game days to do so, resulting in a tight yet rewarding story and playthrough.
During this time you will raise your character's ProwessCharm and Knowledge to be able to survive the story and seduce your chosen princess.

Leap of Love is a fantasy game where you play as Kaheroux a frog turned prince by a shady wizard. The catch of that spell is that he needs to find and marry a princess within a month or go back to being a frog.
Luckily for Kaheroux the local king as three daughters and a lovely wife.

Blanche the eldest is dignified and regal from crown to toe.
Charlotte is kind of a tomboy and quite the party animal.
Diane the youngest act pure and innocent but hide her true peronnality well.
As for Alienor, the queen she's the most unreachable of all four.

So strap on for 30 days of adventures in our fantasy kingdom, may you find love and marry your chosen princess.

- 4 lovely princesses to seduce
- 50+ beautiful full screen artworks
- Full voice acting for the princesses
- A dozen enchanted locations to visit
- 9 good endings
- 15 bad endings

Andrealphus Games
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Dec 31, 2020
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, animated, Dating Sim, Fantasy
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Leap of Love (Android) 305 MB
Version 2.5.8
Leap of Love (Windows + Linux) 298 MB
Version 2.5.8
Leap of Love (Mac) 287 MB
Version 2.5.8
Leap of Love (Android) + DLC1 448 MB
if you pay $19.99 USD or more
Version 2.5.8
Leap of Love (Mac) + DLC1 427 MB
if you pay $19.99 USD or more
Version 2.5.8
Leap of Love (Windows + Linux) + DLC1 438 MB
if you pay $19.99 USD or more
Version 2.5.8

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Is there a bug or what i keep failing at king yellow,even though my knowledge at below 18,like 15,16,17, and my other stats were 20+,its said that it need to below 18

Oi i keep my intelligence below 18 n still fail the yellow king,


In its niche, one of the most difficult games I’ve watched and completed… thanks for the intriguing conditions, boss.


Thanks for the compliments ^^
I hope you had fun :)


A replay gallery with the sex scene text would be perfect and worth the $20 asking price. I'm holding out hope it gets added because I love the art, I love the writing, I love the idea, but not having the scene jump options is offputting for a game focused on erotica.

Anyone have pdf of walkthrough ?

Got this game with the kickstarter of TruLove but we didn't get the DLC is that an option? 

maybe i missed an instruction somewhere im sorry, but what do the parenthesis numbers mean next to the main skill numbers? i had numbers there at one point and it seems they have disappeared


When you do a new game you keep your old stats, that's the number between parenthesis.

ohhh i hadnt noticed that difference in the next life, very cool



 Here's the screen shot when I bought the bundle for 5.48, which is more than the minimum of 4.99. But it's not showing the dlc in the downloads.  Thx 

Hi, I bought the bundle, but it's not showing the dlc is available to download. 

If you could fix that, or email me at my username at gmail.com would be great.  Thanks! 

You should contact itch.io support, there is not much I can do...


So what's in the dlc?   And is it included when buying the bundle?  Thx 

3 new girls (ghost, vampire, succubus) , no the dlc is not in the bundle.
Beware that it ramps up the difficulty a bit.

Are the scenes animated?


Anal sex?

One scene


So... Can I just literally not get the DLC here? Cause the game isn't available on Steam where I live.


You can by paying the price of the game + DLC


Do i have to pay full price for the game again just to get the dlc?

Is there a way to get pass the yellow king? He keeps showing up whether or not I choose to warn the king or not.

Yes, you need low stats ^^

Ok, how do you lower stats? cus every time I start a new game it save my previous stats


Before day 15 switch to hard mode then switch back after.

Error Report: If you get the Charlotte & Diane ending, the game crashes halfway through the Sex Scene at least on the Android Version. Kinda Frustrating especially after all the attempts it took to get it. Please fix as you are able.

This also happens if you get the big Harem ending too. Not sure why, but assuming you read these comments anymore, I'll be most grateful if you were to fix it anytime soon.

Can you post a screenshot of the error please ?

Unfortunately No, it doesn't show a crash report or anything it just exits the game entirely about halfway through the ending scene each time. One second you're looking at some spicy content the next year staring blankly at the home screen.

It might be because your device does not support Live2D animations.
We are looking into a solution.

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Much Appreciated, I should mention that it only crashed on those two specific scenes. So far all the others work just fine.

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I already own the main game, why must i pay $20 for the dlc

can i get a steam key, so i can buy the DLC 

You shouldn't have to pay $20 afaik


Unfortunately, Itch payments don't work that way.  

If someone had bought the main game for $15, then just paying an extra $5 won't add that $5 on to the first $15 to allow them access to the main game + DLC for $20.

That person still needs to pay a separate $20 to get the game + DLC. 

I also bought the main game here, and just paying the difference in the price of the main game and of the game + DLC doesn't work.

Maybe you could sell the DLC separately on Itch for those who already bought the main game here?

But, I guess that depends on how easy it is to manually install the DLC onto an existing main game installation.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to your continuing good work on your games!

so will there be more updates to the game

We are getting it animated ;)

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Hello i was wondering how to get the dlc i already own the game do i have to pay the full price again or can i buy it separately? Thanks

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Hi Dev, I have some cuestions about the game after a couple of unsuccessful runs:

-What is the difference between the difficuties?

-What is the proupose of the items you can buy some afternoons?

-Is there any way of not conserving stats between runs?

-And last, I pay the DLC prize without realising that is not yet abailable for PC, will it be included when it lauches for PC? (I understand that this may be something you have no control about).

Thank you for your time and your awesome games.

- It's easier on easy ^^
- They help you pass some events
- No, except on Difficult
- Yes

on endings do we only always get to pick one, or is there a polygamy endin?

There are several polygamy endings (and more to come)

Does the latest release being a couple days ago and "Version 2.0.0" indicate that the DLC has been added?

I need a complete guide to unlock the steam achievement, by the way, there is a bug in the CG illustration book

is there a time frame for the DLC's releas


2 months top

Do you have a walkthrough lol?

Can some one run me thourt the steps om how to ger tge harm ending

i runned into a problem i brought the (N)SFW edition and manged to marrie a prince but didnt got any explicted scenes.  Do i miss something? or did ig ot the wrong edition?

when you buy the (N)SFW pack you get both the SFW and NSFW game, you are probably playing the SFW one.

will their ever be a female protagonist in the game?


way too little content for the price posted. Compared to love sex and second base, very minimal replayability


Not all games can have 4 times the content of a normal VN with half the price of a full game...

Leap of Love need around 10 hours to have all endings which seems fair for $14.99.


thats understandable but you have to understand the market why would someone get a vn for $15 when they could get something of similar if not longer length and slightly worse quality for cheaper or free.

 like i understand your trying to monetize a hobby or maybe you treat this as a job but at the end of the day your making a adult visual novel, not exactly the most prestigious industry. in my opinion at least, one would have to make a seriously awesome VN for it to even warrant a price tag let alone $15.  

is this the completed game or is it a work in progress?

It's complete, we are working on a DLC for later this year though


This game kinda needs a walkthrough...its almost impossible to do all endings without it

Hey Man! Haven't played it yet, but just bought the game anyways because I'm sure I will. Gotta support my favorite! Happy New Year to you and yours my man! 

Keep up the good work

Thx and happy new year ^^