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7th Year is a game about playing as a young wizard in a school of Magic.

It'a project I started last year with my brother, but he died in June and without his awesome art skills the game will never get made.

Today is his birthday and I wan't everyone to enjoy all the beautiful art he made so here is the game, it's pretty much unfinished. I still have a few pieces of art that I will add to it later on.

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GenreVisual Novel


SeventhYear-0.001-pc.zip 72 MB

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Hopefully, you will find the desire to finish this game your brother and you created, if for no other reason than to a shining accomplishment by you both. In any light, great game, as are all your games.


Oh, that's terrible. Thank you for releasing what he and you made together.


This looks gorgeous. I am sorry for your loss.


Its bad when a good looking game cant be finish. It's worse when its caused by the loss of a team member. But it is horrific when the team member is a loved one. Im so sorry for your loss.


how unfortunate... sorry about him passing away...



Sorry to hear about your loss.. thank you for uploading the Game