Hi guys !

I just wanted to say thank you for a great launch to the new players around here (and of course thank you for your long time support to the others ^^).

Without any furher waiting here is our Love & Sex roadmap for the rest of 2023:

Love & Sex: Second Base

The rest of the year will be mainly bug fixes and small additions to existing content (there wil be a surprise for Minami's fans in the next update).

Love & Sex: Bree's story

I am currently working on the pregnancy system for BreeMC and let me tell you it will be FUN, total drama mode incoming:

  • Of course BreeMC will have a fertility cycle
  • Her pregnancy will last longer than the NPC girls to allow for more roleplay
  • She will be able to tell any male that he is the father (regardless of if he is)
  • NPCs will notice your belly after a while
  • She'll have the option to buy contraceptive pills or get an abortion
  • And there will be a single mother ending
  • She'll also be able to ask one of your girlfriends to raise your child with you
  • Men (or women) fighting each others over Bree will be a thing too
  • And after the fight she can either side with the winner or the loser

Here is a little preview of some of her kissing scenes ;)

Of course all this will come little by little over the course of the next months ;)

Love & Sex: For a fistful of waifus

The planned DLC will add Reona, Kat and Amy to our roster of girls!
Here is a little preview of their kissing scenes ;)

Have fun


Love & Sex: Second Base (Public Demo) 1 GB
Version 23.7.0c Aug 02, 2023
Love & Sex: Second Base (Public Demo) 1 GB
Version 23.7.0c Aug 02, 2023
Love & Sex: Second Base (Full Game) 1 GB
Version 23.7.0c Aug 02, 2023
Love & Sex: Second Base (Full Game) 1 GB
Version 23.7.0c Aug 02, 2023
Love & Sex: Second Base (Full Game) 1 GB
Version 23.7.0c Aug 02, 2023
Love & Sex: Second Base (Public Demo) 1 GB
Version 23.7.0c Aug 02, 2023

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Its not available in my phone why

What's your phone? Android? Iphone?

The DLC will be already available for those who bought or we will need to buy ir separately?


(1 edit)

But BreeMC content will be for regular buyers still?

Thanks for the monthly update like always.

But dear developing team, you need to add a function to make it possible to plan a group meeting with different characters on the same place. Its just terrible needing to skip days and days trying to get 2 characters on the same place at the same hour to propose the harem marriages.

Its not funny, entertaining nor even challenging to get them  together, its just plain annoying. Specially when there are characters that will never share the same location unless you choose the total random schedules.

You can propose to harem members individually or to all of them, or to some of them and then individually to the missing members.
The harem wedding scene will trigger regarding who you proposed to.

So now I have too pay another 24.00 to get the DLC.  Seriously???.. that's Not fair. 

(1 edit)

have tried multiple times with different harems, not always work.

In some cases the option to propose a certain harem doesn't even show after proposing to someone else of the harem.

In some cases i proposed to both or more parties in different places and some of them weren't included in the wedding like if i hadn't asked them.

The only 100% success i have had with the harems is when i propose to all of them at the same time.

Thanks for your feedback.
I'll take time to review the implementation.

By any chance do you still have in mind harems for which you hit this issue? It'll help narrow the review XD


Out of all the dlc girls i cant wait for cat since feels like was in the game the longest and never really got anything with her

i thought people who paid for game are going to get dlc for free but that is not the case right ?

what gave you that impression? Also Itch recently changed the policy regarding adult content.

What do you mean ?.

itch changed their policy regarding what kinds of adult content they will allow on site.

If you bought on steam before it came out of early access you did. 

Deleted 103 days ago

K? Deal with it? I don't really care. 

toxic comment, toxic person!