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How do I progress with Bree? I already went to the mission's local(Arcade on Saturday at 15 PM), but I can't find her. 

Edit: I found her at 18 PM, but i can't use the arcade.

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So, if you fail to get Lavish the promotion, does that not allow you to date her?  I have gotten her maxed out on Sub and love, she os at 100% work, and she only says that we would get in trouble if i ask her out.  I can only assume it's because I failed to get her a promotion.

Also, how many times can one use the "Bigger Staff Pill" before it doesn't have an afect

How can i make the missing phone quest whit bree? every time i am whit her at the living room she just talks to me like normal but doesnt make the event (i have 10 hearts whit her)

Can i have the contact email of Andrealphus Games please.

I think im hard stuck, I have to do the Cassidy meeting at 23:00 but the halloween party is at 20:00 and i cant skip it and i cant do the meeting the next day. Any tips?

When will Palla, Lexi and Emma be able to get married?  Palla already has 100 love points

its different from other version . When you enter to Bathroom is fast(1secs) when you enter to other area it's slowed or 3-4 secs before responding. Hope you notice this.. user from Android version.

  I hit the point in the home harem where I can ask Lexi to move in, but don't have the option when I talk to her.  I wish the story tracker was more detailed.  There should be times/days attatched to event stages, such as "tell Lexi she can move in (insert day of the week and time that's possible here)."  Honestly there's SO MUCH guesswork in this game that it's infuriating.  I hate having to grope around in the dark trying to find EXTREMELY specific event triggers with zero hints.  The game is good, but this is such a frustrating aspect of it that I've actually dropped it for months at a time, so I don't get burned out trying to trigger impossible events.

I'm playing as Bree (girl) and I have made Mike and Sasha fall in love with me 20℅ how do I unlock more percentage? 

We are in the process on reviewing all the story progression for BreeMC, it should be way better on monday with the new update. Sorry for the inconvenience T_T

It's alright :)

6 1/2 minute load time?

Uhm Question. Is there a day when Samantha is NOT at the Pub at 20:00?

Good little game. Some ideas..
Not sure if this is in the plans but it would be nice if you could buy kinky outfits (leather, straps, dominatrix type stuff) from the sex shop and maybe order your girls to wear them around the house. Also for cosplay, Bree would make a great Supergirl and maybe Sasha as Batgirl. Or Harley Quin and Catwoman, I don't know. Cheers.

Each time I start the game it keeps on crashing after pressing the start button I'm on Android by the way

I am buy that game in steam, can i download it on android?

Steam does not support android unfortunately

Im having trouble with Anna's route; im told to talk TV with her, but there's no option for it. Am i missing a trigger to unlock the talk option?

If you don't have the TV option to talk about Get some knowledge and learn to talk about it

How to trigger a Shiori babysitter event when nothing happens

after agreeing to babysit at the office, you have to be in the living room at 1900 or 2000 for the actual babysitting event to trigger.

Why is the only game i cant extract? And if i cant extract it on my phone then i cant play it

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I'm seeing some people talking about this game running on Consoles is that true? If so how?

Hi, I've been playing this game for years now, but I've also been fighting with a lag issue this entire time that I no longer want to tolerate. I read some comments about renpy using the wrong gpu, and it does seem like they're using my integrated more than my dedicated. I'm playing the game on windows and have already tried forcing many different .exe files to use the dedicated, but I still have my 1-2 second delay every time I enter a new room. As mentioned somewhere else, the game runs smoothly during the character building dialogue, but easily takes 10 whole seconds to get from say your office to the bathroom. Can anything be done? This is one of my favorite games and I've played it dozens of times now, but there is so much content now that it's just not feasible to go on like this anymore :(

We are working on the lag issue.

Same, i encounter this type of GPU hope they fix this instantly.

> Put sunscreen lotion on a girl

> I put sunscreen lotion on Mike

Is there something Mike's not telling us...?

How to trigger event minami at nightclub? I have sis 80-90 and love 100 but still can't get it When and place should it be to trigger?

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Do you match the requirements listed in ?

how to enable the console in the latest version...... can someone note it down here please.....

Please, keep in mind that we don't support issues from play through altered in any ways (console, save editors...)

I'm curious as to whether you're able to get a steam key with an purchase? I've already bought the game and decided to check if it was on steam afterwards because there's a 2 second delay for all of my navigation with the current version. So I was wondering if there's a way to convert the zip file to the Steam version

I'm sorry to answer that, no, there's no way to link to steam.

This was my first life simulation game and holy shit it blows. The grind is real, even on easy mode. The repetitive daily routine of having to maually sleep, shower,eat, work and maintain happiness everyday in game is just mind numbing and annoying. And when you eventually do manage to navigate through the maze of choices, you get sex scene renders that arent even that juicy. Not that it would even really matter if the scene was juicy or not because by the time you get to the scene the grind has killed all your horniness. How is there even market for these games. I wish the dev best of luck, but I am out. 3 days of palying this game was more than enough for me.

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What are the odds of running this on my series x? Is there a way to link the saved files on my laptop and android? Will there be more customization options for those of a darker ethnic background? 😅🤣

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- 0%
- You can transfert them manually or use a sync software :D
- Probably in Third Base

Thanks for the reply, tbh this is the first time I have ever played one of these games, always seen them in anime as a running joke but I like it.

Thx ^^


how do i completely clear all saves and previouse play through info

when the new patch out?

lexi and Audrey story got bugged,I can't continue their story..


Monthly updates are always on the last Monday of the month. For your bugs on Lexi & Audrey, can you explain how they happen on discord in one of the bug-report channels


ty, already reported the bug

dev say already fixed for next patch..tyty

Hey so this game on both my laptop and Moto G stylus, seem to take a bit to load between areas. It isn't too big of a hassle but I wanted to know if it's intentional or a problem with my devices

Kind of a noob question but does anyone know how to keep the information of what text has been seen when downloading a new update.

Like, when I replay a game, I can hold ctrl and it will skip all previously seen text until you get to unseen text. But whenever I re-download for the next update, all of my saves are there but all of the text is treated as 'unseen' and I can't skip as before.

I tried copying the 'log' file over into the folder of the newly downloaded update, thinking that's what was keeping track of such things' but that didn't seem to do anything.

May I ask If i make Lexi be my girlfriend there's a chance to make she be my Harem at home? or someone else that not Harem but still it's can?

You can't integrate a girl in a Harem that she originally ain't in, but Lexi is already a part of the Home Harem!

I have the last version and Cassidy questline won't continue (she never shows up at work for the start of the quest)

Did you follow her schedule

If I buy the game will I get updates for free after that? Or do I have to pay for each update? Thanks!

You only pay one time, all new updates are included

Awesome! I think I may pick this up. Last question if anyone knows, has this game been animated? Or still in the works? I see the other game from the dev is getting animated right now. Thanks!

Love & Sex will not be animated

How do you update to the latest version as I'm still on 22.02. Do you need to download it again?

Yes you need to download each update!

please make a fully updated guide 
i can't access/understand some events

can't trigger the fashion harem although all the conditions have been fulfilled

And how to get that angela event?

We're now working on a new system about that. But it's normal that the wiki take some time to be updated, it's maintained by the community 

Im on version 22.4.0d and Ayesha won't show up at the gym. I have followed the wiki but the event never happens with hanna introducing her

Did you follow their schedule ? 

Deleted 25 days ago

Nevermind I just checked the Meeting People tab in story tracker and it says I can only meet her there on Wednesdays. She finally showed up


I can't get brees KP over 75

Hi there I'm stuck on brees kp aswell. Did you manage to progress any more with it?

Her KP will lock at different stages depending on how far you make it in her questline and which job path you choose. The wiki has a step by step for each of the girls questlines in order for you to get the most suitable outcome

I can't seem to trigger the home harem with bree and sasha. I already have all the stats where they need to be and it says to have sex with them within 7 days of each other and minami is in the house already. Does anyone know exactly when I could trigger the harem? Should it be in a specific season or something?

They have to be in the same room together, I had to wait until the evening in the living room for it to trigger.


There seems to be a bug with Lexi. Her trailer has burned down and I agreed with the whole home harem(Minami, Bree, Samantha, Sasha) that she can move in, but there’s no option for me to talk to her about it and tell her to move in.

I can't find a way to talk to him either.
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Do Cherie has any sex scene or is intended to have in the far future (being a full romance option)? I finished cassidy story line right now and before I became the CEO by what the wiki seem to indicate.


It's one of the teaser characters that are not "datable" for the moment 

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