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Errors keep popping up after I seduced bree and the other girl and even if I ignore it, it will keep showing again and again I'm playing on Android version

What the hack!!!Kylie murder's me and the game is over!how i can ignore kylie's murder and why she murdered me

Because you talk to other girls in front of her that will make her jealous

You can see her yandere bar in her status

how can i make someone pregnant 

How do you install the spy camera on the work computer? I have the spy camera in my inventory and am being investigated but there is no option. There also wasn't any option before the investigation

Go in your will see an option

im on android how do you load? I can only find the save tho

Swipe up

You sure? I tried it but nothing happened T.T

Nvm i take that back, thank you ahahha

Guyies there is a discord server I created come and say hi there is 33 member and above who can help in this game

Why every one want to cheat in this game if you get every thing you won't feel the joy of getting it coz you did not work hard to get it

Is there a mod money for Android?? 

Gg2002 if it is on pc with the write key

If it is for a cell phone, slide your finger from the

Bottom of screen To top

Bruh I just hold my task bar bottom in the phone much easier

Gg2002 si es en pc con la tecla escribir

Si es para celular desliza tu dedo desde la 

Parte baja de la pantalla Hasta arriba

How do i load a different save? I cant figure out how to get back to the main menu and load a recent save

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Or someone save from some step by step guide ??

O alguien save de alguna guía paso a paso ??

Can i marry someone.because if i marry someone then the game is end

I have several questions but the most important one for me is that in previous verifications some girls like Ana could raise the LP to 100 and with the update of the Reona event, I downloaded it, I have started from various save points and did not I have seen the lost LP recover
Or is it that a girl after finishing her story can't upload LP? ?
I appreciate any help because the game at first I liked it now I do not know if to continue playing why start again I did not

The game shows a lot of promise. As a bit of constructive criticism..the NPCs could do with a bit more agency..having NPCs take the lead a bit more would make it feel more organic...even dominant characters 
like Sasha and Aletta are a bit passive, even when they are supposed to be very would be nice to see them get more content where they are in control..maybe even seeking out and initiating encounters with the PC (like the Sasha couch/foot route) ..even at full is Sasha doing most of the favours like she is the sub.

IT would also be nice for characters like Bree to get the potential for a dominant route; which would allow you to reuse assets on both the male and female PC routes. The male PC also comes across as a bit of a selfish lover..the female NPCs do a lot for would be nice to have the option to return the favour...and more role reversal would be welcome.

How to use the cheat?

Bro if I am not mistakened, its cheating on the girls

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Just curious, do the characters ever give birth?

Can you fuck Samantha and get her pregnant if you allowed her marry Ryan and you're dating Emma 

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How i can enable voice on conversation on android 

how can i change my clothes?

Go in your bedroom.then open the inventory(a button with bag).then click on clothes name




How i can see aletta while working

How do I get past this error which occurs when I talk to Kleio?(Final part of Anna's quest)



How i can see aletta while working


Hi! I noticed you created a poll for future game developmen. unfortunately i am not in patron, but i bought the game in steam, and i would like to have voice in the poll. thank you btw, game is amazing.

Hello dev, I wish I could know the content of new update.. As you can see, I dont think other games that I've ayed can compared to this game..

Also, I wish you guys can update on female protagonist(bree).. 

hey it says that you can cheat in the description do u guys know how 

Cheat as in on the girls lol

I created a channel to expend the community to this game 


How to get 90 LP for Hanna

How do I see Aleta while working

How i can go to the strip club

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Anyone know how to unlock the sextoy shop I can't find it in the mall did thay move it??

It is on the City > Dark Alley (must be on 22:00PM night) you can see there

Is it possible to raise Kylie's LP to 100?

Nope atm

how to clear that mision, any day i cant find Emma in coffee shop 

And about harmony, I'm already have sex with harmony but no picture 

Go to the coffee will see emma.maybe you need to increase emma's love points

Dude have you cleared that mission with Emma? If so how?

On the date at the cinema with Alexis, is there a way to see whatever shes doing to cheat on you? Or is it just implied?

It's just implied, you can see her cheating at the restaurant though

So Im thinking we expend this community let's start with what's app my numper is 

01200847449.  +20

How about discord ?

I didn't have but will try

I will gladly join it for tips about this game discrod Channel I created so I'm willing to make you lead it I'm new to this

Done , thank you

Id like to say to every one the new update is out guyies 20.5.1d

Deleted 3 days ago

Let me say if I flirt with Ayesha in front of kyile then said I like Ayesha so kyile target Ayesha. Will kyile kill Ayesha?

How'd you get Ayesha

I said if I did not get ayesha



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How do you succeed with the band harem? I’ve completed all Kleio, Anna and Sasha tasks and can only get a max 70LP and either she leaves or her and Anna leave since I get them both to 70LP but I know 75 is needed. I also got the Kleio/Morgan threesome, am I missing anything else to raise Kleio’s max LP?

Update: I got past the 70 lock, just had to wait a few days after she told me she was pregnant and I wanted to keep the baby

Me too. When i play version 20.3.5 , i get anna 100 LP. But now i never get anna LP over 65. And also Kleio 100LP but now never get again. It is bug or something

Hello people if you need any help with any girl let me finish her

Did you finish this task?

bcs every time i want to talk to kleio about it, i kept getting error messages

if you get erro messages hit ignore and it will go on 

if you get erro messages hit ignore and it will go on 

if you get erro messages hit ignore and it will go on 

This is new version take I guess I have to creat new game coz my Anna was created in old one

Need help how to booty call any girls

get them to submission 50 at least

It didnt work

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I also gave her a slave collar and have her sub at 100%

dam son

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